Vortex 15000 LB Pound Industrial/Recovery Winch/HEAVY DUTY 2 Remote System

Vortex 15000 LB Pound Industrial/Recovery Winch/HEAVY DUTY 2 Remote System<BR>***CALL FOR PRICING***
15000lb DEAD PULL CAPACITY! ROLLING OR MARINE CAPACITY WOULD BE MUCH MORE. IT COMES WITH 2 REMOTES (A STANDARD WIRED REMOTE AND A WIRELESS BONUS REMOTE) These come with a solid warranty, so please buy with confidence. These are much better than the travelling tool show type winches. There is no comparison. These compare very favorably with various models of Warn, Ramsey, SuperWinch, MileMarker, etc. As you ask around and browse the web, you will find as many varied opinions about all brands as you can imagine. In our experience, they are all fairly similar. Whether you buy from us or not, just look carefully at the price. It just seems hard to justify paying 2x, 3x, or even 4x our prices for a very similar product. If you have any questions, call us. We will talk winches with you! COMES WITH ALL WIRES, FAIRLEAD, TWO REMOTES (ONE WIRED AND ONE WIRELESS)..THESE ARE SEALED AND EXTREMELY WATER RESISTANT...THANKS FOR LOOKING THIS IS AN INCREDIBLY STRONG VORTEX WINCH. IT DWARFS A 12000 LB WINCH IN TERMS OF CAPACITY, SIZE, AND WEIGHT (IDEAL FOR LARGE SUVS AND TRUCKS.) THESE ARE ALSO INCREDIBLY GOOD TRAILER WINCHES. Performance 12VDC Single line rated pull 15000lb Motor 6.4hp/ series-wound Gear train 3 Stage Planetary Gear ratio 358.4:1 Clutch Sliding Ring Gear Brake Automatic in-the-drum Drum size 3.4" diameter X 8.8" length Wire rope 7/16" diameter X 90FT Length Fairlead 4-way roller fairlead (DOES NOT BOLT TO WINCH BODY/BOLTS TO WHATEVER TYPE OF MOUNT PLATE YOU USE. Gross weight 116LBS Net weight 107 LBS Overall dimensions (L x W x H) (555 x 196 x 249mm) Mounting bolt pattern (10 BY 4.5")(254mm x 114mm) Line Pull(lbs./kg) /Line Speed FPM(m/min)/ Motor(Amps) 0 /23.94ft(7.3m)/ 75 2300(907kg) /12.27ft(3.74m)/ 106 4300(1814kg)/ 9.38ft(2.86m)/ 167 6500(2721kg)/ 7.41ft(2.26m)/ 195 9000(3628kg) /6.16ft(1.91m)/ 246 10500(4536kg)/ 5.18ft(1.58m) /283 12500(5443kg)/ 4.46ft(1.36m)/ 340 15000(6818kg)/ 2.95ft(0.9m)/ 480
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