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Length: 42' (foot)
Width: 9' (foot) 2" (inch)
Height: 10' (foot)

If you are considering buying an RV/Camper cover and you are confused about what is out there, you owe it to yourself to read through this. Whether you buy from us or not, this will give you a good understanding of what is out there. Reading this could very well save you many hours of researching, thinking and sorting information about RV covers. It also may save you many dollars. Reading this will help you make an educated decision concerning what RV/Camper cover you want. Again, whether you buy from us or not, if you are potentially in the market for an RV/Camper cover, you owe it to yourself to read this. It will only take a few minutes. We appreciate you taking the time to look.

First of all, there are hundreds or maybe thousands of brands and types of RV/Camper covers out there. We have studied these extensively, and they can be grouped into 3 general categories of covers.

1. TARPS...You will see some RVS/Campers covered with tarps. Tarps are commercially available and inexpensive, but they generally do not look good and do not last long. The are also somewhat difficult to deal with since they are big and flat and are not made in any way specifically to cover an RV. Most tarps also are just a moisture barrier, so they keep water out, but also keep water in, which is dangerous! Trapped water can cause serious damage in terms of rot, mold, mildew, etc. We would highly recommend avoiding tarps as RV/Camper covers.

2. CUSTOM COVERS...You will see some very expensive covers ($2000+ range) These are custom made for a given RV and an upholstery shop has to make them, or you would have to normally buy one from the company that made your RV. They are a very good fit, but are very expensive. The quality is good, but is not better than what we sell. They could possibly fit better(maybe not, when you consider our expansion panels), as it is a 'custom' cover but there is a hefty price to pay. Also, they are generally awkward, heavy, and difficult to install. A RV dealer recently told me that it takes 4 people to install his custom cover.

3. SEMI-CUSTOM COVERS... What we sell is right in between these 2 referenced previously. We call ours semi-custom covers. They provide a custom fit most of the time for most RVs. Our covers are made to cover the entire top and the entire sides. Please see our pictures. There are tremendous economies to be found by investing in one of our covers.

Our RV/Camper covers come with the same reliability and level of performance that you all have come to expect over the past few years. This is they type cover you want, almost always. However, please read and understand the benefits and limitations of Vortex RV/Camper Covers. When we first set out to be able to provide a quality RV cover, we really wanted to be able to provide one made from the same material as our boat covers. The problem we get into quickly there is that we would end up with covers that weigh 100 lbs or more. This would make them very difficult to deal with, especially since you are almost always looking at having to get on top of the RV to install the cover. So, our solution to this is to have a thicker top, and thinner sides. The top takes the most abuse from the sun, rain, snow, and other forces of nature, and therefore so that is where it needs to be stronger. Our RV/Camper covers have a triple layer of material along the top, and thinner single layer around the sides. This combines the ideal economy with the ideal performance, while making the cover physically manageable, because it is relatively light weight. These are generally good for most weather conditions. Now, as with any of our products, we strive to create realistic expectations. Here are the exceptions. The main exception is if you are in an area that has intense sun, such as the southern or southeastern US (Arizona or southern Florida for example), these just will not do well for long term outdoor storage. These covers do fairly well in certain conditions, but the sun can be brutal. These have the same warranty, regardless of your location, but the performance of the cover may be less than ideal. Harsh winter weather also deteriorates these quickly. These are excellent dust covers, rain covers, etc. If you have your RV/Camper stored indoors and do not want it to get dusty, this is an excellent cover for that. These are excellent temporary use covers. They are just not made for extended continuous outdoor use, especially in intense sun areas. Really, the purpose of any cover (boat cover, rv cover, atv cover, car cover, etc) is to have something over the item that takes the abuse from the elements. You can spend relatively little money on a cover like this that will take the abuse, while sparing the item it is designed to protect. When you look at the cost and/or time involved in cleaning a large item like a RV/Camper, these just present a tremendous value for most circumstances. If you need a RV/Camper cover that is more suitable for all weather conditions, please see our new Vortex Marine Grade Top RV/Camper Cover, which is a very similar cover, but it has a Marine Grade Top panel! They have a marine grade waterproof top panel that is made from the same material we make our boat covers from. They are a bit heavier, and a bit more expensive, but they are made for all weather conditions, including intense sun areas, Call us with any questions at 1-800-309-5190. We will be glad to help you.

Here are some features and benefits of our Vortex RV/Camper Covers:

1. Fully polypropylene fabric repels rain and vents inside vapor out....

2. Protects your investment from Harsh UV ray and keep interior cool....

3. Superior water resistant yet breathable to prevent any mildew inside of the fabric....

4. Perfect most weather conditions.(main caution is if you are intense sun area, like Arizona, for example) The cover still comes with a solid warranty, regardless of your location.

5. Durable Buckle & Strap system in addition to elastic corners, to help it stay on!!!!

6. Bottom Elastic hems for easier installation!!!

7. Storage bag included...

8. Easy installation, easy removal!!!

9. Full-Height zippered panels allow complete access to the door side, while shorter zipper panels allow access to storage areas on other side!

10. Adjustable front and rear tension panels provide a near-custom fit!

11. Air vents reduce wind lofting and inside moisture!!!

12. Comes with tie down rope system or straps for underneath! (Strap it down securely). These are big and you do not want wind under them! A sail this big would not be a good thing!

13. Storage bag, rear ladder cap, and rope system/strap system included!

14. Support from us included.. unlimited 1-800 number support!

Now, here is some information on sizing of our RV/Camper covers. The size of camper that this cover fits is listed above, in the title. You will see a size range in the title. This means that the cover will fit any RV of that length. So, for example, if the cover is for a 24-27' travel trailer, it is cut for a 27', but the expansion panels will take up the slack and allow it to fit very well a much smaller travel trailer.
Please call us with any questions at 1-800-309-5190.

Our Travel trailer Covers are 105” wide and 108” tall.
Our Class A covers are 110” wide and 120” tall.
Our Class C covers are 105” wide and 108” tall.
Our Fifth Wheel covers are 102” wide and 120” tall.
Our Toy Hauler covers are 105” wide and 120” tall.
Please call us with any questions at 1-800-309-5190.

Here is a little bit of advice on RV/Camper covers, again, whether you buy from us or someone else…Strap it down securely. These are big covers, and will ‘sail’ or ‘tent’ on you if air gets under them. You do not want to deal with a sail this big! Use the strap system and additional straps if need be. Just strap it down securely, and use it such that it is very difficult or impossible for wind to get underneath it!

Shipping is free to anywhere in the contiguous United States. For shipping to anywhere else, please contact us. Please see pictures.

This is not a disposable type cover. It is made for years and years of use. It has a 3 year warranty.